About Us

Mission Statement

Here at Ye Olde Tutor, we believe in opportunity. We believe reading and writing and communication. And mostly, we believe that our world will move forward with every student learning to communicate. That is why we strive everyday to provide the highest quality language arts tutorials for middle school and high school students. We believe that no matter your financial background, every student deserves equity and equality.

Why We are Here

In the days of olde, there were fortunate students who came from wealthy families and had private tutors. These lucky few had the opportunity to learn to read, study language and rhetoric. Other families who were not wealthy could not afford a proper education for their youth. It is in the foundation of olde that Ye Olde tutor comes from. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to learn to read closely, deeply and use those ideas found in text to inspire new and innovative ideas.

Our Story


Thank You to Our Backers!

Ye Olde Tutor was able to hit the ground running because of pledges from some AMAZING people. Our Kickstarter was a huge success and has made it possible to build out our website. Thank you for believing in our mission.

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